I got on my bus last Friday evening after work, and I saw this leaflet on the empty chair in front of me. The first thing that caught my eye was the Union Jack.

To me, it looked like it was from the British National Party or the equally moronic English Defence League. So I picked it up and forgot about it until today when I thought I’d scan it in and share the wonderful news of “Why is our country in such a mess?” You know their serious because it’s big font, in yellow, at an angle, an outline and, for added drama, a shadow. In subliminal typesetting, this means we’re fucked.

And I’m guessing it can be expanded to the whole world.

Anyway, this leaflets asks the question: “Are the following statements TRUE or FALSE.” Ooo a quiz, I wonder if the answer to the 18 statements is all true. Let’s see shall we.

  1. Violence has rapidly increased on our streets over the last 10 years!
  2. There are more teenage pregnancies than ever before!
  3. The rate of abortion gets higher and higher year after year!
  4. There is constant rebellion against authority!
  5. On the whole, society has become more aggressive than ever!
  6. The Government has become more dishonest; ‘fleecing’ the people rather than protecting them!
  7. Alcohol and drugs are rampant in every city, town and village.
  8. People are being ‘conditioned;’ our freedom and choices are being taken away!
  9. Morals, standards and manners have declined to the degree of near non-existence!
  10. TV has made people anti-social!
  11. There is a widespread lack of discipline!
  12. People are less thankful these days.
  13. TV has encouraged and promoted sex before marriage, homosexuality, adultery, violence, pornography etc.
  14. TV is desensitizing people; making them less sensitive to cruelty and suffering.
  15. No one today has a FINAL AUTHORITY in which to turn to. Everyone has ‘heir own opinion, so how do we KNOW what is r!ght and wrong?
  16. Christianity is being marginalized!
  17. People will do almost anything for money these days!
  18. Lying has become the norm! Today we expect to be lied to, whether it’s buying a product or service. People lie to one another SO MUCH that oftentimes you cannot differentiate between what is truth and what is false!

Don’t you see how serious this is? Look at those exclaimation marks at the end of virtually every one. I didn’t realise we were so screwed.

But the time I got to three, I figured it was a Christian selling leaflet and not the racist junk the BNP or EDL put out. Also because there was only one spelling mistake at this point.

Anyway it’s the usual Christian bollocks of wanting the “good old days” and bashing progress like it’s a bad thing.

The only interest to me was this bit.

Schools have replaced the teaching of God’s creation with the ‘theory’ of evolution. They no longer teach the Bible to our children, therefore children no longer feel accountable for their sin … they don’t even know what SIN is!

Hmmmm. Click here and you can read this piece of shite leaflet for yourself.

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