Three of life’s little irritants

I have a list of annoyances in life with people that really tip me over the edge. Things that turn me from happy to furious in the blink of an eye.


They say honesty is the best policy, well apparently not when you are dealing with fucking idiots on the internet. It’s why I log everything I say on the internet, just on the off chance that some fucker decides six months down the line, that I said something which I know I didn’t. My memory is shot to pieces about many things, but I do remember what I’ve said and not said in my head, and thankfully I have gigabytes of text files going back to my days on IRC in the 1990’s to prove it.

Yeah, I should have a clear out one day.

On time

If I can take the trouble of being on time for something, then why can’t anyone else? If people are five minutes late, I’ll either fuck off home or go elsewhere.

The art of conversation

The internet is killing the art and etiquette of conversation.

Imagine you are in a bar. You see a friend and you start a conversation. You are in the middle of saying something and then this friend just fucks off with no warning. You wouldn’t do it would you? So why the fuck do people do it on instant messaging. What happened to saying “I’ll be back in a moment” or “I have to go”? I just had an example of someone asking me why deleted a message from yesterday. I said it was crap and asked how they were. Oh they’ve fucked off. Great.

Maybe it’s because I was brought up properly by my parents, but these things really boil my piss and I’m getting more and more intolerant of people.

I’ve dropped friends I’ve known for decades if they’ve fucked me off enough, so I have absolutely no guilt about telling someone I’ve known for a few months to fuck off.

Tumblrtards : Otherkin

In my continuing series of combating depression by browsing the internet, I once again turn to Tumblr, home of the biggest bunch of special, narcissist fuckwitts.

We all love animals, I know I do… except cats. They can fuck right off. But let me introduce you to Otherkin.

Otherkin are people who think they are animals trapped in a human body, because being a plain old boring human being just doesn’t get the attention these idiots people crave, but let me give you a random example of what this is about. Brace yourself, this is going to blow your mind.

the lack of side vision that a human head has is so frustrating for me as a horse kin/therian. so is the lack of ability to tilt my ears! and hands and feet just don’t feel the same as the hooves i miss


Yes, this wazzock is missing binocular vision, because you know, reasons.

Oh, and I might have misled you a little, when I said “animals trapped in a human body”, I actually meant “anything trapped in human form.” How about:

I’m the same as those 2 modern vampkin but I’m werewolfkin!


Think someone might have been watching too much Twilight.

Name an animal, it’s out there: tigerkin, lionkin, dragonkin, all animals that are strong, powerful and graceful. But what if you have self-esteem issues? What if you’re a socially inept 40kg weaking living in your parents basement, they’ve got you covered. Meet slugkin.

Okay so im annoyed. I wish more people would be more inclusive of slugkin, you might think slugs are gross but you cant just discriminate!!


Does salt trigger you by any chance? Unsurprisingly, I couldn’t find any people identifying as a dung beetle, but give it time.

Some animals or whatever random shit these people think they are, have limited timespans. I mean if you are a hamsterkin, you’re going to be dead in three or four years. What happens then? Well that’s been thought of as well:

my kintype died and then came back as a ghost with a completely different personality and look. And its the hardest thing ever to describe him

Writing this shit, I’ve gone from pissing myself laughing to having so many facepalms that it looks like I’ve been involved in domestic violence.

But reading Tumblr, it makes me glad I’m me. I might suffer from depression and anxiety. I might avoid social situations like the plague, but never, even in the darkest pits of hell that my mind takes me, have I ever thought I might be a fucking slug.

Check out the Tumblrtards at and

Sharia Law in the UK

I see this is doing the rounds on Facebook again.



Which Sharia Laws are you speaking of? Oh, you mean you can’t think of any? That might be because, and let’s be clear about this, THERE ISN’T ANY FUCKING SHARIA LAW IN THE UK! It’s not recognised in the UK. It’s not recognised under UK law. There are no Sharia exceptions in UK law.

The Islamic Sharia Council, which has 100 or so courts in the UK, act overwhelming on marriage issues in Muslim communities, wish are NOT legally binding. You’re upset over that? Well maybe you should be upset about similar Jewish courts that have been operating for much longer.  No ssshhhhh be quiet, they aren’t muzzies so they’re ok.

Maybe you mean the Muslim Arbitration Tribunals, whose decisions are legally binding? Now, that’s bollocks as well. ANY arbitration where the parties agree is legally binding, see the Arbitration Act 1996.

So, you knuckle dragging, Daily Mail reading, UKIP cunts… where is this Sharia Law that you are so terrified of?

Another challenge from @JoeCienkowski and I can’t help but bite

It’s not unusual for a blog post by Joe Cienkowski to be a steaming pile of shit, full of different typeface sizes, colours, underlining, bolding which makes it hard to concentrate on the text because it goes all over the fucking place.

But this week he really tried to blog about an experience on Twitter, and bless his little cotton socks, he fails as fucking usual.

Unfortunately he’s caught me after my transition from answering fuckwittery creationism with politeness to answering creationism fuckwittery with the utter contempt it deserves.

Anyway, Joe is attacking @RosaRubicondior, @ByDLeft, @TroyBeast, @ItsThatBriGuy, @FelixQui and @AnnraoiOD and these are people who have a far stronger grasp of reality than Peachy.

The blog post is full of shit and fallacious arguments as is the norm, but basically he’s saying that he’s not a liar:

Show me supporting evidence that I’m either 1) lying or 2) have not bothered to understand what atheism really is.

Well where do we start. Shall we start with your lies: *deep breathe*

  • Atheism is a religion (by definition, no it isn’t)
  • Abiogenesis is spontaneous generation repackaged (no it isn’t)
  • Abiogenesis is part of evolution (no it isn’t)
  • There’s no proof of evolution (yes there is)
  • Carbon dating is wrong and the scientists are lying about (no they aren’t)
  • Issac Asimov came up with C14 half-life of 5,730 (no he didn’t)
  • Evolution is biologically impossible (no it isn’t)
  • The Bible is inerrant (no it isn’t and you don’t answer the examples given)
  • The Bible is infallible (no it isn’t and you don’t answer the examples given)
  • The “Human Population Timeline” (it’s full of shit)
  • The “Atheist Highway” (it’s full of shit)
  • The “Atheist Commandments” (that’s your construct, not atheists)
  • “Dr” Kent Hovind is a great scientist (no he isn’t)
  • The earth is part of a closed system (no it isn’t)
  • Atheism is a disbelief in God (no it isn’t, and if it was it’s ALL gods)
  • Archaeopteryx isn’t a transitional fossil (yes it is)
  • Coelacanths disprove evolution (no it doesn’t)
  • “Giant sized fossils: Recently, a sloth the size of a grizzly bear, a camel twice the normal size, and many other giant sized fossils coincided with the Bible, which says things used to live hundreds of years” (size and strength is nothing to do with evolution)
  • Neanderthals were larger and strong so disprove evolution (size and strength is nothing to do with evolution)
  • Darwin recanted his theory on his deathbed (no he didn’t)
  • James Hutton made up millions of years (no he didn’t)
  • You described yourself as a “creation biologist” (not even fucking close)
  • Evolution is religious (no it isn’t)
  • The Miller-Urey experiment was a failure (no it wasn’t and you’re misunderstand the point of that experiment)
  • Humans and apes have no common ancestor (yes they do)
  • Lucy was an ape (no it wasn’t)
  • Life came from nothing (evolution say no such thing)
  • On changes to the body for us to change to humans: “They would’ve had to have evolved, as well as the heart, lungs, blood, bones, male and female distinctions, systems of the body, simultaneously” (utter bollocks you’ve made up. Evolution says no such thing)
  • Big bang (matter, space and time) is to do with evolution (no it isn’t)
  • Life came from rocks (utter bollocks you’ve made up. Evolution says no such thing)
  • “The Earth is 70% water, plenty of water to form a flood” (no it isn’t, which is why we aren’t flooded now)
  • “Grand Canyon; it is a giant spillway of biblical proportions. We see many smaller versions from floods” (No evidence for a global flood… ANYWHERE)
  • Richard Dawkins supports intelligent design (“hypothetically” and context passed you by)

Those are your lies off the top of my head. I would link to an article refuting each and every one of your pathetic lies, but you won’t read them anyway. But hope springs eternal, so look up on PubMed or Google Scholar.

You’ve been repeating the same lies, misrepresentations and your own bollocksed up idea of science continuously for three long, boring years, despite being told your wrong, and shown evidence to show you’re wrong. You cannot even be arsed to read the links your sent, or for that matter comprehend the links you post which most of the time refute the point you think they’re making!

All you’ve got is the same tired material from Kent Hovind’s lecture that you blindly accept and then regurgitate, after all, how could the brilliant scientist “Dr” Hovind be wrong. So wrong that his equally cretinous son Eric Hovind has tried his damndest to remove the shit that was thrown at your hero before he was jailed for not rendering unto Caesar.

So that’s your lies, let’s deal with your not having a fucking clue what atheism is.

In your “book” Atheism is a religion, the clue to you not know is in the title, you say:

I’m here to convert you to theism. I’m friends with many atheists and have many that I regularly talk to. I speak regularly literally to hundreds of atheists

I call bullshit.

I see atheists as so far away from the truth that not only don’t they know God personally, but they don’t even know God exists

Jeez. Look, atheism is very simply a lack of belief in any god of any religion, anywhere. You on the other hand project your goat fuckers myth shite onto atheism, and you come up with the comical “atheist commandments”, “atheist churches” and “atheist tenants” to make it look like a religion in your eyes. And to try and sell a few books. If, and that’s a big fucking “if” you have atheist friends, then which one of these twats said “Fuck me Joe, you’re right. We have churches, tenets, etc.”  I’ll answer it for you, because I know what the answer probably is… you didn’t fucking ask anyone, you just thought it sounded so good.

I’m not just going to single you out for be stupid, I’ll throw in @starchasr, @godloving666, @piltdownsupermn and any other fuckwitted cretinist creationist out there on Twitter.

Your collective “research” and “love” of science and shitting on the scientific method stretches to reading simplistic bullshit served up for fucktards on Answers in Genesis, Creation Ministries Inc, Creation Today, Discovery Institute and Institute of Creation Research. Then the likes of you lemmings commit intellectual suicide by acting as a relay, spreading the manure of creationism and ignoring the refutations.

This post is why I, and everyone else on the internet, can confidently call you a fucking liar and a fucking idiot. It’s not an insult, it’s a fact.