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Fundamentally Flawed: End of Year Special 2014

Blame it on a bizarre alignment of the planets, or Nibiru, or just plain boredom, but on December 30th 2014 Fundamentally Flawed reunited for a one-off* podcast special.

With Alex, Kat, my good self, Peter and later on a pissed up Jim, we discuss some of the events of 2014 (thanks to Wikipedia’s exhaustive list of events and deaths)

WARNING! This contains video of me and my comedy accent.

* probably not.

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  1. Ivor Bigun

    Loving your 2014 round up Podcast!

    Unsure how I ended up here but I’m at work, a little bored and have the whole world at my finger tips. So I’m doing a little nostalgic Googling and general link hopping.

    Well, that’s when you can actually access sites that the company IT dept haven’t blocked (which seems to be half of the t’internet!)

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